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The actions being proposed to pursue the specific objectives are:


  • Continuation of training courses to work with recycle metals.

  • Participation, by some of the members of the co-operative, in seminars on designing both in Cambodia and in Italy.

  • A course on the methods of marketing and distribution, including the techniques of direct and indirect sales.

  • The co-operative should function as an enterprise having adequate technical skills and know-how to manage the production and to secure its own economic self-sufficiency. 

We have been offering these opportunities free of charge to street boys and girls, a year after the creation of “EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE”.


Our dream is already real, became real thanks to efforts of Igino and Patrizia since 2004, and all the people that decided to help and support them in the development and growth of our school and lab where we learn and teach how to make jewelry and realize small products that help to go on and reach our goal. 


Now the reins of the organization are in our hands, we will continue our commitment to serious and lasting, but the expenses to be incurred are many, so even if our future in our hand your every way to land a hand would be a great help for us.

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